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Function,Feature And Use Value Of IR Dyeing Machine

Function,Feature and Use Value of IR Dyeing Machine


IR dyeing machine is commonly used in laboratory dyeing machines. This machine is suitable for dyeing samples of various loose fibers, fiber strips, yarns and fabrics at high temperature and high pressure.

Infra colour dyeing machine is suitable for dispersive dyes, acid dyes and other dyes dyeing. Through the analysis of dyeing sample, the feasibility of dyeing was improved for large-scale production.

IR dyeing machine
IR dyeing machine

IR lab dyeing machine can be used for dyeing samples with 12 to 24 different colors of twisted or blank cloth at the same time. The design requires that the test results of small sample should be consistent with the dyeing effect and requirements of large machine. IR dyeing machine provides mechanical equipment for testing samples with high temperature and high pressure dyeing of polyester fiber.

Customers can choose infrared dyeing machine with hanging basket, ring, hook and other devices according to their needs. RHS series IR dyeing machine can be used for various types of dyeing experiments. Can adjust the dyeing temperature arbitrarily, the temperature range of RT-135℃.

Feature of IR dyeing machine

Control part

  • PLC controller to control temperature and LCD display; Be able to edit and store 100 programs and 100 steps per program; Real-time display of program process and temperature, easy to understand the experimental dynamic. When the experiment is over, an alarm goes off to free up labor.
  • Adopt inverter control, automatic positive and negative rotation device and can adjust the running speed of the sample bin, better match the movement mode of the field bulk goods process, 360 degree rolling motion makes the dye in the beakers to turn back and forth, color rate is more uniform, suitable for all kinds of cloth dyeing, can get the most flat and uniform sample cloth.The positive and negative rotation speed can be adjusted from 0 to 50r/min.
The control panel of IR dyeing machine
The control panel of IR dyeing machine

Dyeing part

1.Seamless stainless steel beakers:Sealing is the key problem of this machine. Seamless stainless steel beakers to ensure the test effect, dyeing quality and safety. Stainless steel beakers is easy to clean, no residue, to avoid the impact on the next dyeing experiment. The sealing pad inside the dye beaker lid can further avoid the leakage of dye solution.

2.The specifications of dyeing beakers can be customized according to customer’s requirements. Commonly used specifications are 150ml and 300ml.

beakers of IR dyeing machine
beakers of IR dyeing machine

3.The RHS series IR beaker dyeing machine creatively sets a rotating drum, and then sets a series of beakers sleeves on it. Finally, the dyed steel beakers used for the test is inserted in the beakers sleeve diagonally to keep the dyed beakers rolling at a similar vertical Angle during the rotation, which completely simulates and reproduces the field production mode.

Heating and cooling parts

1.The use of infrared heating tube, small power, no lampblack pollution, no loss, and heat preservation, constant temperature effect is good, and can save a huge amount of glycerin and electricity costs.

2.RHS series IR beaker dyeing machine adopt the new measurement and temperature control technology, can ensure the machine long-term stable operation, life is much higher than the ordinary infrared machine.

3.The cooling method adopts convection forced air cooling to avoid waste of water. Therefore, the IR beaker dyeing machine has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, and can fully meet the dyeing and color matching experiments of various printing and dyeing factories.

Additional function

  1. Segmented temperature sampling test: segmented, homogenized and permeable test;
  2. IR beaker dyeing machine can be used to test the influence of pH, temperature, bath ratio difference and concentration on dye absorption rate; Low liquor ratio up to 1:5;
  3. IR dyeing machine is highly personalized, can produce different specifications of dyed steel beakers according to customer needs.
  4. Desktop design, can be placed on the laboratory table. Infra colour dyeing machine have a monitoring window to observe the inside of the instrument. If there is leakage of material, the power can be turned off in time to check the cause of the problem.
  5. Protective measures: equipped with high temperature protective gloves to prevent scalding when taking out the dye beaker. Door open protection: the rotating rack will stop rotating when the door is open.
The internal structure
The internal structure

Differences with ACCDYER series lab dyeing machine

Different heating methods

The heating mode of RHS series infrared dyeing machine is that the dyeing beakers is heated by the infrared lamp and heat conduction by oil. RHS series Infrared Dyeing Machine is using the latest infrared heating technology, instead of the traditional two-position infrared heating system, to avoid the beaker heating uneven.

Instead of heating the dye beakers directly, the ACCDYER series lab dyeing machine use electric heating and heat conduction by glycerin, the temperature is much more stable than IR heating. There is almost no heat loss.

electric heater
electric heater

Different temperature range

RHS series infrared dyeing machine temperature range is RT-135℃.

ACCDYER series lab dyeing machine temperature range is RT-140℃.

Different rates of heating and cooling

RHS series infrared dyeing machine : max. heat rate 4.5℃/min; max. cool rate 5℃/min.

ACCDYER series lab dyeing machine: max. heat rate 5.5℃/min; max. cool rate 6℃/min.

Different alarm protection

RHS series infrared dyeing machine will not alarm when it exceeds 135℃.

ACCDYER series lab dying machine Safety protection: it will alarm and stop running when the actual temperature is higher than 140℃.

Similarities with lab dyeing machine

  1. Temperature control system is PLC control.
  2. Liquor ratio is 1:5.
  3. Cooling method:air cooling.
  4. Rotation speed:0-50r/min adjustable.
  5. Editable dyeing process: 100 programs (100 steps for each).
  6. Door open protection: the rotating rack will stop rotating when the door is open.

Use value of IR dyeing machine

  1.  Infrared Dyeing Machine is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also suitable for polyester chemical fiber dyeing samples of scientific research institutes, especially suitable for chemical fiber that is not suitable for dyeing at normal temperature.
  2. IR dyeing machine is not only used for polyester dyeing test sample at high temperature and high pressure, but also for nylon, acrylic and other blended fabrics dyeing test sample at atmospheric pressure, and can also replace water bath for dyeing fastness test. In addition, the machine can also test and explore the properties of various dyes and surfactants.
  3. Infrared Dyeing Machine plays an important role in the normal production and improvement of dyeing quality of chemical fiber knitted fabric.
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