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5 Important Things About Tubular Knitting Machine You Must Know

5 Important Things about Tubular Knitting Machine You Must Know

Tubular knitting machine is a fabric knitting machine which can help us produce tube-shaped fabrics. Here I will tell you the 5 important things about tubular knitting machine you must know.

What machine does tubular knitting machine belong to?

Tubular knitting machine belong to fabric knitting machine. Fabric knitting machine and Garment-length knitting machine are classified by weft knitting machine according to the final product.

Fabric knitting machine

The fabric knitting machine knits fabric at high speed. After knitting the appropriate length. We cut the fabric manually from the machine. Due to the high speed and productive efficiency. We often use circular knitting machines to knit tube-shaped fabrics.

Garment-length knitting machine

Garment-length machines include hosiery machine, pantyhose machines and glove machines.Besides these, most flat machine and sweater strip machines also belong to Gaement-length machines.

On these machines, the garment sequence control with the timing/counting device. We call them ‘the machine control’. It will automatically initiates any modifications to other devices on the machine. Then the machine can knit a garment-length construction sequence instead of a continuous fabric.

Difference between them

The difference between fabric and garment-length knitting is best understood in terms of hand flat knitting. If the knitter merely traverses the cam carriage backwards and forwards across the needle bed, a continuous fabric length will be knitted. However, if the knitter counts the traverses and alters the cam box settings at predetermined traverses, a garment-length sequence can be knitted.

How does tubular knitting machine work?

Generally, tube-shaped fabric are produced on circular knitting machine. So the working principle of tubular knitting machine is same as circular knitting machine.

Knitting needles cooperate with sinker to make into a circular weft knitting yarn. After that, the needles connect them into knitted fabrics. Click here to get more details on how the machine works.

How to operate this machine?

DW0910S1 small knitting machine in our company is tubular knitting machine. Here is the operation of this machine. You can watch this video to know more about it.

  1. Turn on the power switch.
  2. Use thread hook to pass yarn through winding ring and out of behind yarn hole.
  3. Hook yarn on yarn barrel, pull out thread hook from yarn winding.
  4. Use thread hook to pass through the front yarn hole.
  5. Pull the yarn through the front yarn hole by thread hook .
  6. Use the brush to open the needle tongue.
  7. Click the Jog button, continue open the needle tongue.
  8. Thread the yarn through the hole and needle cylinder.
  9. Pass the yarn through the drawing roller below.
  10. Press the yarn storage button to wrap yarn on storage drum.
  11. Turn on the Run button.
  12. Press the Stop button, use the brush handle or other tools to transport the garter belt down.
  13. Press the Run button again.

Function of tubular knitting machine

The function of this machine is to produce different tubular fabric.

Some fabrics are suit for the yarn uniformity assessment and the dyeing affinity quality control of yarn. The other is great for protecting and covering items. What’s more,There are also some fabrics have a great deal of stretch on the horizontal width. So they are very useful for leggings, skirts and tight tops.

What is the price of this machine?

Usually, the price of this machine is between 2000 to 20000 dollers. It depends on the function of the machine. Our company provides four kinds of tubular knitting machine. You can read this blog to know how to choose them.

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