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5 Affordable Methods To Prevent Pilling Of Fabric

5 Affordable Methods to Prevent Pilling of Fabric

Here is the 5 Affordable Methods to Prevent Pilling of Fabric. It will help you avoid the trouble of pilling fabric。

What is pilling of fabric?

Pilling is a fabric surface defect characterized by a small amount of tangled fibers wound around the surface.

The loose fibers protrude from the surface of the fabric through a tangling of the loose fibers that forms a pellet during wearing or washing. In order to determine the trend of pill formation, the samples from the receiving fabric samples are rubbed against each other under controlled conditions.

The main factors affecting pilling fabric

Fiber properties is main cause of pilling

Fiber length: fiber length directly affects the degree of pilling. The adhesion and friction between long fibers are relatively large, so the fibers are not easy to slip out to the surface; And long fiber spun yarn, the same unit length of the number of end of the fiber, the surface of the fiber exposed to the natural end is less, less friction end, so the degree of pilling long fiber fabric is better than short fiber fabric.

Linear density of fiber: the degree of fiber thickness has great influence on pilling grade. The finer the fiber, the better the softness, but the surface of the broken head exposed more easily pilling., on the other hand, are less prone to pilling. The thicker and harder the fiber, the less easily the fibers on the surface of the fabric will tangle and knead into balls.

Fiber Crimp: when the crimp degree of chemical fiber increases, the binding force of fiber increases, and it is not easy to pilling; But once pilling, it is easy to entangle into a ball. Therefore, the crimp degree of chemical fiber has certain requirements, especially in low-twist yarn, the crimp of chemical fiber can strengthen the connection between the fibers, and can inhibit the pilling phenomenon.

Yarn twisting

The yarn is tightly twisted and the surface of the yarn is smooth and clean. When the yarn is rubbed, there will be less hairiness. Moreover, the fiber is not easy to be pulled out and pilling is not easy. Therefore, in the production of many polyester and cotton yarn fabrics, the twist of the yarn will be improved. The greater the twist of the yarn, the smoother the surface, the less hairiness it will produce, the closer the cohesion between the fibers, and the better the wear resistance of the yarn. Therefore, appropriately increasing the twist of the yarn can reduce the hairiness, improve the wear resistance of the yarn and reduce the pilling degree of the fabric. However, the degree of pilling cannot be reduced by increasing twist, because excessive twist will not only reduce the strength of the yarn, but also affect its feel and style.

Fabric structure

The fabric structure also has a great effect on the pilling of the fabric. Loose fabric is easier to pilling than tight fabric. There have 3 kinds of fabrics ,tabby grain, twill, satin grain, Satin grain fabric pilling is the most serious grade ,The second is twill fabric,

Plain weave fabric fiber structure is close, it is not easy to pilling

Knitted fabrics is generally easier to pilling than woven fabrics

Factors of use

The function of clothing or cleanliness also affects pilling. In general, frequent and dirty clothes tend to pilling during use. The poor moisture absorption of the fabric fiber makes the fabric be rubbed in the dry state for a long time, and it is also easy to pilling; In a word, the greater the friction the fabric experiences, the more serious the pilling phenomenon will be.

5 Affordable Method to Prevent Pilling of Fabric:

Select Cashmere and SmoothType

When you buy clothes: choose cashmere type as far as possible, fine weaving density, less choice of floral knitting structure. Try to choose smooth fabrics, or silk clothing matching.

Washing Clothes to remove pilling

First with 45 degrees of warm water, add washing powder stir evenly, then soak clothes, gently rub, remember not to use the washing machine.

Regular alkaline detergents (washing powder, soap, etc.) can destroy the fiber of knit wear, so the neutral detergent with softer and stronger detergents (such as laundry detergent) will protect the sweater as much as possible and reduce knit wear pilling.

Electrostatic protective

When washing clothes, you can use some anti-static laundry products. Then dry in the ball, should have a good effect.

Effective protecting pilling clothes

Whatever you do, do not expose the clothes to the sun. Spread the cotton-padded clothes on the floor until they are half dry. Drying them with a clothesline is the best way to do this.

Treat Pilling

Put the dress on chopping board at first and must level off, please use pill remover to remove the pilling .

Of course for textile lab . you can use our ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester 

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