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Textile Laboratory – Fiber Testing

Textile Laboratory – Fiber Testing

Introduction to textile Laboratory

Nowadays, countries all over the world are advocating green textiles, and more and more environmental protection textiles and clothing are appearing in the market. Through some standard tests to meet the international requirements for textiles and clothing, has become the development direction of brands and trading companies. Textile testing laboratory testing items include composition, color fastness, strength, pH value, formaldehyde, etc. According to the material classification, it can also be divided into fiber testing, yarn testing and fabric testing.

At present, there are mainly 6 famous textile universities in China, namely Donghua University, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Soochow University, Jiangnan University, Zhejiang Polytechnic University and Wuhan Textile University. These universities have their own independent textile laboratories. The textile testing Center of Donghua University is taken as an example to introduce relevant instruments in experimental testing.

Textile Experiment Center of Donghua University is an experimental base for experimental teaching, professional basic training and scientific research. It has three functional areas: textile testing, textile technology and textile CAD. All kinds of textile raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products testing instruments are fully equipped, long fiber spinning, short fiber spinning, weaving, knitting, nonwoven and other main process equipment basic complete sets, with biomedical textile materials, textile structural composite materials professional laboratory.At the same time, it has two standard computer rooms with high-end configurations, and auxiliary testing equipment such as flow field, high-speed photography, precision testing instruments, processing chemistry and testing chemistry, etc. Textile Testing Center of Donghua University has obtained CMA qualification for the testing of fiber, yarn, textile products and their products. In this paper, fiber length measurement, fiber fineness measurement, fiber crimp property measurement, fiber tensile property measurement, fiber specific resistance, fiber moisture recovery, fiber identification several aspects to introduce fiber testing instruments.

Fiber length determination

KX730 Fibrograph



KX730 Fibrograph is used to accurately and rapidly determine the mean length, upper half mean length and uniformity index of cotton fiber sample by photo-electric method.

This instrument is designed based on the random distribution theory of cotton fiber length, and also based on the theory that light intensity passing through fiber bundle has negative correlation with the number of fibers in the fiber bundle cross section.


ASTM D1447  GB/T 20392  GB 1103


  • Standard length ruler and optical calibration card are convenient for operators to conduct hardware calibration and self-check on this instrument.
  • Specially designed sampling device with complete accessories are supplied for sample preparation, easy to prepare the test beard.
  • CPU generates trigger pulse to control the step motor, drive the sampling comb to move at regulated step, making photoelectric scan of the test beard from the root.
  • High quality LED light source emits light signal, which reaches the sensitive silicon photocell through the test beard on the sampling comb. The intensity of light passing through the test beard is used as a measure of fiber amount at various distances from the comb.
  • Fast test speed, test one result only need 20~30s.
  • The software provides a friendly operation interface supported by a reliable database. It can process data automatically to generate fibrograph curve and calculate mean length, upper half mean length, uniformity index and short fiber ratio of the sample.
  • Calibration with standard cotton fiber and database creation (including storage, retrieval, print, etc. function) can be conducted in the computer.

Key Specification

Length range of cotton fiber18~50mm
Tolerance of upper half mean length±0.5mm
Tolerance of uniformity index±1.5%
Fiber amount550~900

Y111 Roller Type Fiber Length Tester


Y111 Roller Type Fiber Length Tester is used to measure cotton fiber length in groups according to the distribute character of fiber length. With the help of roller pincers to control the long and short fibers and make grouping and isometric weight test. During the test, the sample fiber bundle should be pretreated to make it trim on one end and then be clamped closely by roller pincers. With rotation of roller, the short fibers will get out first then the longer fibers. The weight measurement will be done according to these separate fiber groups. By data computation we can know the data of fiber length distribution, the principal part length, the qualified length, average length, radices, short fiber equality, etc.

Y111 roller type fiber length tester
Y111 roller type fiber length tester

Standards: GB/T6098

Key Specification

Fiber draw-off unit

Front roller diameterφ8mm
Rear roller diameterφ16mm
 Covered roller diameterφ17mm
Velvet lap roller diameterφ66mm
Spacing between the input roller and output roller16mm~60mm

Fiber analyzer

Input roller diameterφ19.1mm
Rubber roller diameter12mm
Fiber roller diameter10mm

Y131 Comb Sorters

comb sorters
comb sorters


Y131 Comb Sorters is used to produce staple diagrams for fibers up to 50mm length, suitable for wool fibers.


ISO 920-1976  FJ533-85

Key Specification

Width of tray10mm
Number of tray31

Determination of fiber fineness

JN-B Series Torsion Balance


JN-B Series Torsion Balance is a kind of sensitive, precision measuring instrument for weighing small objects. It applies to electronics, textiles, metallurgy, agriculture, industry and other fields.


Adopt the principle of combination of elastic elements, no mechanical wear of fulcrum, high sensitivity;

No need weight when working, measured value can be read directly,  Easy to operate, quick reading.

JN-B Series Torsion Balance
JN-B Series Torsion Balance

Key Specification

Model No. Measure range (mg)Graduated value (mg) Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)
JN-B-5 0~50.01250×210×3605

Y171 Series Fiber Cutter

Y171 Fiber Cutter
Y171 Fiber Cutter


Fiber Cutter is designed to cut fibre, yarn,cotton and other materials into cross-sectional slice,then use microscope to observe it.


Beautiful shape, easy to operate. Cutter body uses Stainless steel and can for durable using.

Key Specification

Width of blade10 mm20 mm25 mm30 mm
Length of blade45 mm45 mm45 mm45 mm

Y175 Series Cotton Fineness Meter/Micronaire Tester

electronic cotton fineness tester
Y175-I electronic cotton fineness tester
Micronaire tester
Y175 Micronaire tester


Y175 Series Cotton Fineness Meter/Micronaire Tester, it is used to determine cotton fiber’s micronaire value. Using the balance weigh out a test specimen of mass appropriate to the airflow instrument (8g); pack the test specimen evenly into the compression cylinder then put the compression plunger in position. Using the air pump or other suitable means cause air to flow through the specimen at pressure appropriate to air flow instrument and note the reading on the scale.

Standards: ISO 2403   ASTM D1448   GB/T 1103, 6498



  • Low noise air pump;
  • Indicator can regulate scale and display test value;
  • Ease to operate and read test result;
  • High accuracy;
  • Collection weighing, test integration;


  • Display micronaire value and grade directly by LED displayer, or display micronaire value, grade count (m/g) and test time by PC displayer if on-line operated;
  • High precision test result better than all similar instruments, up to 0.05 micronaire value;
  • Weight auto correction function, widen sampling range from 7.51 to 8.50g, let test result much faster and result more accurate;
  • All in all, test one specimen only need several second;
  • Equipped with high quality air pump, provide constant pressure air current;
  • Adopt PC on-line technology, data can be processed by software, and easy to calibrate micronaire value, operate easy, carry on a test with fast speed;
  • With data storage, inquire, classification, statistical, and print function by software;

Key Specification

Display modeDialDigital
Range2.5~6.5 micronaire value2.5~6.5 (standard mode) 2.9~6.5 (with weight correction)
Accuracy0.1 micronaire value0.05 micronaire value
Weighing accuracy±0.016g±0.01g
Rectangle weight8g8g

YG002C Series Computerized Fiber Fineness Analysis System


YG002C Series Computerized Fiber Fineness Analysis System applies to determine fiber diameter or sectional area rapidly in laboratories. The instrument connects optical microscope and computer by high-resolution industrial camera. The fiber diameter and sectional area testing can be completed by professional analysis software, and the content of each fiber in blended fiber can be measured.


ISO 137, 17751  AATCC 20A

Fineness & Content Analysis System
Fineness & Content Analysis System



  • Suit for determine the diameter of all kinds of fiber, adopt projection microscope method.
  • Meet the demands of ISO 137, IWTO-8, GB/T 10685, etc.
  • Professional analysis software, output the data and report forms by EXCEL.


  • It includes all functions of YG002C.
  • Suit for determine the content of blends product (natural fiber blends). Fiber content can be got by analyzing the single fiber configuration and diameter of blends products.
  • Meet the demands of ISO 17751, GB/T 16988, etc.
  • Provide the picture database of special animal fiber, chemical fiber, cotton and hemp fiber, it can promote the operator’s differentiate ability.


  • It includes all functions of YG002C1.
  • Suit for determine the section configuration and sectional area of all kinds of fiber.
  • Meet the demands of AATCC 20A, FZ/T 01101, etc.

Key Specification

Model No.YG002CYG002C1YG002C2
Testing method Projection microscope methodProjection microscope method 1) Projection microscope method 2) Cross-sectional method
Main testing itemDiameterDiameter ContentDiameter Content Sectional area
Measuring range2~200um±0.5um(adjustable)2~200um±0.5um(adjustable)2~200um±0.5um(adjustable)
Measuring repeatability±0.1um±0.1um±0.1um
Objective lensStandard 4×, 10×, 20×(Optional: 40×, 100×)Standard 4×, 10×, 20×(Optional: 40×, 100×)Standard 4×, 10×, 20×(Optional: 40×, 100×)

Y172 Fiber Microtome(Hardy)


Fiber microtome (Hardy). To produce fiber cross sections of varying thickness from 20um for microscopic examination, measurement and identification.


ISO137  BS 2043  ASTM D2130


  • High quality blade for long time use;
  • Portable design, easy operation;
  • Polished metal surface, beautiful and durable.

Key Specification

Slice area3×0.8mm
Minimum slice thickness20µm

ZK100F Fiber Fineness Tester (Vibroscope Method)


ZK100F Fiber Fineness Tester (Vibroscope Method) is suitable to determine linear density of single fiber by means of vibroscope method. It is widely used in production enterprises, testing organizations and scientific research units for chemical fiber, textile, etc.

The major working principle is to determine natural vibration frequency of fiber under specific vibration length and tension, and then automatically calculates and displays the linear density of single fiber.


ISO 1973  GB/T 16256, 14335

vibration fiber fineness tester
vibration method


  • Adopt string vibration principle, directly display individual linear density, mean value and coefficient of vibration;
  • Microprocessor control, high accuracy, quick test, easy to operate;
  • Possible to connect with printer.

Key Specification

Linear density measurement range0.8~40 dtex
Linear density error≤±2%
Clamping length20mm
Tension clamp precision≤±0.5%
Resonance frequency measurement error≤±0.5%
Length error≤±1%

Y145A Wool Fineness Meter

wool fiber fineness meter
wool fiber fineness meter

Application:Y145A Wool Fineness Meter is used for testing wool fiber fineness by micronaire value which is tested by the value of air resistance of disordered wool fiber. 


  • Display micronaire value on the calibration gauge;
  • Steady air pump to ensure repeatability;
  • Easy to operate.

Key Specification

Sampling mass4.5g±0.01g
Wool fineness range18~40μm

 Y145B Wool Fineness Tester


Y145B Wool Fineness Tester is widely used for wool purchase inspection, production and trade, to determine the wool fineness by using airflow method.


ISO 1136  ASTM D1282   BS 3183  GB/T 11603

Wool Fineness Tester
Wool Fineness Tester


  • Precision flow sensor realizes a wide range of wool fineness measurement, which is the widest range of instruments to test wool fineness by airflow method; 
  • Fast test: Install the sample → Press test key → Get the result quickly;
  • The instrument with a USB interface, can output test report via computer; 
  • Convenient calibration. Users can accurately test wool fineness value through calibration by using the standard wool (optional).

Key Specification

Measuring range12~50μm
Measuring accuracy0.1μm (standard lab environment)
Test time15 seconds on average
Sample mass(2.5±0.004)g
PC communicationUSB port connection

Determination of crimp properties of fibers

YG362B Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester

Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester
Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester

Application: YG362B Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester is specially used to determine crimping performance of single natural fiber and chemical fiber automatically. It is widely used in production enterprises, testing organizations and scientific research units for chemical fiber, textile, etc.

The instrument adopts tension loader to apply different loads to fiber. After reaching specified load, displacement length is recorded by monolithic microcomputer to automatically calculate crimp ratio “J(%)”, crimp recovery ratio “JW(%)” and crimp elasticity ratio “JD(%)”. The instrument can display test results by LED digital display and also print out test results by built-in printer.

Standards: GB/T 14338

Key Specification

Loading deviceTension loader
Load capacity0~5.00mN, resolution: 0.01mN, fiber fineness: 0.75~7dtex 0~10.00mN, resolution: 0.02mN, fiber fineness: 2~14dtex 0~25.00mN, resolution: 0.05mN, fiber fineness: 3~30dtex (Please choose one of the three load ranges.)
Initial gauge length20mm
Stroke of lower clamp≥30mm
Displacement resolution 0.01mm
Displacement reading error≤0.05mm (within 10mm)
Timing0.5min, 1min, 2min (three options)

FY111F Fiber Crimp Tester


FY111F Fiber Crimp Tester is used to determine crimping performance of single chemical fiber and natural fiber. It is widely used in production enterprises, testing organizations and scientific research units for chemical fiber, textile, etc.


GB/T 14338

Crimp Tester
Crimp Tester


  • It adopts the image processing technology to automatically count the number of crimps of the fiber under light load and in length of 25mm;
  • Measure load value by load cell and fiber length under given light or heavy load to calculate crimp ratio of fiber;
  • Determine fiber length after relaxation due to the effect of heavy load to calculate crimp elastic recovery rate.
  • Automatically determine crimp ratio, crimp elastic recovery rate and number of crimps;
  • Quick test, high accuracy, easy to operate;

Key Specification

Load measurement range0~2,000 (10-3cN)
Load resolution 0.1(10-3cN)
Load measurement error≤±1%
Clamping length20mm
Stroke of lower clamp40mm
Length resolution0.01mm
Measurement of crimp No.Auto
Crimp counting length25mm

Determination of tensile properties of fibers

YG003E / YG005E Electronic Single Fiber Strength Tester

Fiber strength tester
YG003E Fiber strength tester

Application: YG003E / YG005E Electronic Single Fiber Strength Tester is used to determine the breaking strength and elongation at break of single textile fibers, such as, cotton, wool, ramie, silk, glass fibber and chemical fibers. It’s a useful fiber testing machine.

Standards: ISO 5079, 11566  ASTM D3822   BS 4029


  • Micro-computer control and LCD display, real time display test results;
  • Precise load cell with resolution of 0.01cN;
  • Super subdivision stepper motor from South Korea and precise ball screw;
  • Manual clamp for YG003E, pneumatic clamp for YG005E;

Key Specification

Model No.YG003EYG005E
Clamp typeManualPneumatic
Load cell & accuracy200cN ±0.5%200cN ±0.5%
Force resolution0.01cN0.01cN
Gauge length10~60mm, digitally-settable5~60mm, digitally-settable
Max. extension150mm150mm

YG011 Fiber Bundle Strength Tester (Stelometer)



YG011 Fiber Bundle Strength Tester (Stelometer) is used to check the holding strength and elongation at breakage of fiber tufts. Holding strength reading is on a graduated scale from 0 to 7 kPa (step 0.1kPa), elongation reading is on a graduated scale from 0% to 50%.


ISO 3060  ASTM D1445/2524  GB/T 13783


  • Calibrate each stelometer by force measuring and elongation devices that are special designed by our company only, ensure pointer indications (force value and elongation) are match to real value and keep test result stable and high accuracy;
  • Special designed table clamps and pressley clamp (we are supplier for USTER) can hold fiber tufts effectively, and avoid slipping or affect test as hold tight;
  • Read test values of breaking strength and elongation directly from two scales after finishing test;
  • After fiber tufts breaks, there is no malfunction mistakes;
  • Test result with high accuracy and with good correlation with yarn strength;

Key Specification

Thickness of sample holding clamp11.8mm
Thickness of separator3.2mm
Test Range Breaking Load20N-70N Elongation 0-50% (3.2mm)
Applying load speed10N/s, adjustable
Correction Coefficient0.9-1.1
Environment20±2℃, 65±3%RH

KX101 Pressley Fiber Strength Tester

Application: KX101 Pressley Fiber Strength Tester is widely used in the inspection work of international cotton trade handover owing to its exquisite structure, simple operation and fast testing speed.It’s an inclined plane fiber strength tester with a free-sliding hammer designed to break flat bundle of cotton fibers and to indicate the load required to cause the rupture of the flat bundle.Based on the principle of moment balance, the breaking load value of cotton fiber is indicated by the sliding distance of the hammer travels on the track.

Standards:  GB/T 13783  ISO 3060

Pressley Fibre Strength Tester


  • The structure is simple, mainly consists of three parts: main machine, specimen clamps and fiber processor (clamp vise);
  • Specially designed specimen clamps with following features:
  1. Consist of two clamps, total clamp thickness is 11.8mm when two clamps are in close contact (zero gauge length) and the thickness of spacer is 3.2mm, for tests at a gauge length of 3.2mm. Enable operators to perform testing with zero gauge length or 3.2mm gauge.
  2. Made of high hardness steel material;
  3. Clamp face seal well and avoid damage specimen or slipping during test;
  4. High quality with large quantity of customers including UsterTM.
  • Specially designed clamp vice with following features:
  1. Used for processing fiber bundle and holding the clamps while loading the fiber bundle into the clamps;
  2. There is a jaw pressure wrench on the side to mount or remove the clamps;
  3. Make test process much more faster;
  4. We are the earliest producer of this clamp vice.
  • There is load scale in pound-force on the beam. The breaking load of bundle fiber can be read out immediately after finishing test;
  • With level device to reduce experimental error.

Key Specification

Clamp thickness11.8mm
Thickness of spacer3.2mm
Range of breaking load5~20lbf, accurate to 0.1lbf
Correction factor of tenacity0.9~1.1

Determination of fiber specific resistance

DW0180 Fiber Specific Resistance Tester

Fiber Specific Resistance Tester
Fiber Specific Resistance Tester


 DW0180 Fiber Specific Resistance Tester is used to determine the resistance of various chemical fibers on the condition of specified weight.

Key Specification

Measuring range106~1013Ω
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz

Determination of fibre moisture return

Y412B Raw Cotton Moisture Regain Tester

Application: Y412B Raw Cotton Moisture Regain Tester is used to determine the moisture regain of lint cotton by electrical resistance method.

Standards: GB/T 6102.2

Key Specification

Test methodElectrical resistance
Measuring rangeUpper layer 7%~12% Medium layer 4%~7% Lower layer 9%~15%
Test pressure735N±49N

SK-100 Moisture Content Tester


SK-100 Moisture Content Tester is suitable for measuring moisture of various textile raw materials, cloth, yarn, wool, leather, etc.


  • DC resistance type measurement;
  • Digital display on LCD;
  • Light and portable;
  • Easy operation.

Key Specification

Probe test range0~80.0%
Measurement methodDC resistance type
Display methodLCD
Species choice1~15
Moisture adjustment-5.0%~0~+5.0%
Power supply9V battery 1pc (supplied by customer)

MBS-I Cotton Package Moisture Meter


This device is applicable for check moisture content in cotton fiber, wool, cashmere package. Digital display, portable and easy to operate.


  • Patented product for wide international application on cotton package cotton,etc
  • Packed in artificial leather pouch, easy to carry
  • Battery driven, no need cord

Key Specification

Temperature range-40~50℃
Moisture range3-15%
Min testing time30s

Fiber identification

F600 Fiber Blend Analyzer

Fiber Blend Analyzer
Fiber Blend Analyzer

Application: F600 Fiber Blend Analyzer is fiber testing equipment that used to quickly and accurately determine fiber composition of two component blend of wool and synthetic fiber by the chemical method.

Standards: BS 4407, M&S P100, AATCC 20, AATCC 20A, etc.

Key Specification

Measuring range0.1%~100%
Sample weight0.5~3g
Working positions6
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz
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