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Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine RHS series

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IR Dyeing Machine, is short for infrared dyeing machine.The lab IR dyeing machine is a state of the art dyeing instrument with IR heating, producing accurate sample dyeing and reproducible results.The infrared lab dyeing machine with 24 breakers which is suit for sample dyeing and widely use in laboratory.

Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine RHS series

RHS Series Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine is a state of the art dyeing instrument with IR heating, producing accurate sample dyeing and reproducible results.

Follows are infrared lab infrared dyeing machine specification :

  • Patented IR heating technology at an affordable price; use latest IR heating technology, instead of traditional two-positioned IR heating system, to avoid uneven heating for beakers;
  • PLC temperature control system;
  • Seamless stainless steel beakers, easy cleaning;
  • Clean and fast handling of beakers as well as samples;
  • Air cooling system, no need for water source and can reduce operation cost.


Application of Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine

Infrared dyeing machine is of high temperature oil bath type infrared small sample dyeing machine, suitable for dyeing knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, fiber, zippers, shoes etc

It suit for high temperature dyeing and washing fastness test .It is also designed for the dyeing industry, chemical industry, raw materials, and design for high temperature dyeing cloth industry prototype, which can accurately simulate the actual production conditions.

IR Dyeing Machine is suitable for most of substrates. It is designed for fast, convenient use for lab with accurate temperature control and low energy consumption.

If you need more information about infrared dyeing machine. Please contact with us .

Key Specification

Key Specification of Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine

Model No. RHS-12 RHS-24
Number of beakers 12 24
Beaker capacity 300ml
Liquor ratio Min. 1:5
Dyeing controller LCD display and touch screen operation
Rotation speed 0~50r/min, adjustable
Temperature range RT~140oC
Heat transmission IR heating with oil conduction
Cool fan power 200W
Drive motor power 370W
Heat power 4×1.2kW 6×1.2kW
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz, 3phase
Dimensions (L×W×H) 700×730×750mm 810×730×750mm
Net weight 120kg 145kg


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Function,Feature and Use Value of IR Dyeing Machine

IR dyeing machine is commonly used in laboratory dyeing machine. This machine is suitable for dyeing samples of various loose fibers, fiber strips, yarns and fabrics at high temperature and high pressure.

This is a blog about IR Dyeing Machine. It introduces the mainly function,feature and use value of the ir dyeing machine. Besides these, it also contains the differences between IR dyeing machine and lab dyeing machine in our company.



Q: If the heating elements are infrared or resistance electric elements. If the feeding of chemicals can be made by injection into each beaker and finally if the temperature control is made inside each of the beakers.


1.Infrared heating element heating.

2.Yes, we can equip injection function beakers.

3.Temperature control is overall in the working chamber not in each beaker, the rotating rack can run forward or reverse to make each beaker get even temperature.


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