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Lab Combing Machine DW7011H

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Lab Combing Machine, also named Mini-type Comber or Mini Cotton Combing Machine, is the indispensable step that comes after lab draw frame in the worsted system. Lab Spinning system is suit for wool or Cotton . We should check fiber length in advance for Mini Laboratory Spinning System.

Lab Combing Machine DW7011H

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Lab combing machine is the laboratory machine used for the combing process in the spinning process. The main function is to eliminate short fibers and the twisted grains (neps, hairs, grass clippings, scabs, etc.) in the fibers, so that the fibers are further straightened and parallelized, and the combed sliver having a relatively uniform thickness is finally produced.

Follows are features of Laboratory Cotton Combing Machine:

  • PLC + touch screen + frequency converter drive, easy to learn and operate;
  • Mini-type design, easy to clean, set and maintain;
  • Feed, cylinder and output drive independently;
  • Feed way can adopt cylinder feeding or cotton lap feeding;
  • Use can coiler to output cotton sliver.


Application of Lab Combing Machine

Lab combing machine is the indispensable step that comes after lab draw frame in the worsted system used to comb the cotton sliver again to remove short fibers. It’s the ideal system for teaching, researching, etc.  In order to avoid involvement, the form of clothes of operators should be shut and no accessories just like streamer;

Fiber and staple fiber will produce flyings in the spinning process, so we recommend that use dust removal device in the workshop;

If you need more information about Laboratory Cotton Combing Machine, please contact us.


Lab Combing Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Combing Machine

Control mode PLC + Touch screen
Width 260mm
Max. clamp time 120 time/min
Length of suitable fiber 21 to 65mm
Feed volume 0.25-1Kg/h
Feed roller diameter Φ30mm
Output speed 12m/min
Dimension 1300×1200×1700mm(L×W×H)
Package dimension 1400×1200×1800mm(L×W×H)
Power supply AC 220V/380V, 50/60Hz

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Summary of Comber Machine Related Questions

Combing is one of the processes used in the spinning process to exclude shorter fibers and remove kinks (neps, hair particles, grass clippings, cocoon skin, and so on) in the fibers. The combing machine is the machine that performs the combing process.

Combing Process in Spinning

Combing is the process of removing impurities and short fibers from cotton, wool, and silk fibers before they are processed into textiles using a combing machine.

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