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Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber HF-2

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Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber which also named Oxygen Index Apparatus or Oxygen Index Test Apparatus. Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber is used to test material flame retardant performance of the instrument, the testing materials under the experimental conditions, the oxygen and nitrogen in the mixed gas just keep sample minimum oxygen concentration needed for combustion.

Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber HF-2

Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber is suitable for determining the minimum oxygen concentration required to maintain the sample combustion in a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen under specified test conditions. It is used to evaluate the combustion performance of homogeneous solid material, laminated material, foam material, film and film, etc.

Sample fixed in the vertical upward flow of oxygen, nitrogen gas mixture in the combustion cylinder, lit the top sample, observing the combustion characteristic of sample, the sample of continuous time or sample combustion length compared with the given limit, through a series of experiments under different oxygen concentration, measured expressed as a percentage of oxygen, when burned, maintain the minimum oxygen density.

The normal temperature oxygen index tester is designed to determine the minimum oxygen concentration required to maintain the sample combustion in the oxygen and nitrogen mixture under the specified test conditions.

We provide reasonable price and high quality Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber.Follows are features of Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber

  • Adopt oxygen concentration sensor with precision and digitally display the oxygen concentration;
  • Transparent heat-resistant test chimney, equipped with two types of clamps;
  • High-precise gas measuring & controlling device;
  • High-accurate measurement and excellent performance on repeatability;
  • Simple and convenient to use;


Application of Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber

Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber is used to assess the burning behavior of polymers by oxygen index (OI) under specified test conditions. That is to determine the minimum concentration of oxygen in admixture with nitrogen, which will support combustion of small vertical test specimens under specified test conditions and the results are defined as oxygen index values. It is applicable to plastic, rubber, fibre, foam-plastic, flexible sheet and film materials. With properties of high-accurate measurement, excellent performance on repeatability and convenience, it is not only used to assess the resistance of polymers to flame, but also used in researches to understand the flaming procedure of polymers better.

Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber complies with GB/T 2406, ASTM D 2863 , ISO 4589-2 etc international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber Machine. Please contact with us.


Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber standards

GB/T 2406 ASTM D 2863 ISO 4589-2


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber

Working environment Ambient temperature 10~35℃
Relative humidity 45%~75%
Mode to measure oxygen concentration Sensor, the response time<10s
Oxygen concentration measuring accuracy ±0.2%
Mode to display oxygen concentration LCD, with the accuracy of 0.1%
Gases required O2 and N2, gaseous for industrial use (prepared by the user)
Measuring range of flow-meter (1~10)L/min, with the accuracy of ±5%
Pressure for supplying gas 0.2~0.3Mpa
Working pressure 0.05~0.15Mpa
Dimensions of test chimney Ф100mmХ450mm
Power supply AC220V 50Hz




Q: Can you please specify what type of oxygen sensor is in use? 

A: The oxygen sensor is imported from UK, brand is ATI.Special use for Oxygen index tester.

Q: What do we need to be able to provide to the customer an annual calibration service for this unit ?

A: The oxygen senor’s life time is about 40months.  So customers can do calibration with standard air. And adjust the button on the panel of machine. If over range, the sensor need to be replace.

1 review for Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber HF-2

  1. Robert Ben

    Where can I find the operation steps of this limiting oxygen index chamber?

    • fyi-tester

      The operation steps have been sent, please ckeck the mail box.

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