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Melt Centrifugal Spinning Machine DW7090C

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DW7090C Melt Centrifugal Spinning Machine is suitable for the test and teaching of centrifugal short fiber method of melt.

Melt Centrifugal Spinning Machine DW7090C

Here is the principle of DW7090C:

Melt centrifugal spinning machine uses pitch-based carbon fiber or high-molecular polymer as raw material. → The melt is formed through precision heating and temperature control. →The quantitative and uniform melt flows into precise dropper module under the function of stable and precise gas pressure. → The melt drops into a precise temperature control and high speed rotating centrifugal disk through the precise dropper. → The melt passes through the annular grooves of the centrifugal disk to form thin film. → The melt passes through hundreds of toothed grooves to divide into several trickles. → The melt trickle flies out of the centrifugal disk and under the clamping function of air flow, it is cooled and solidified into short fibers. → Then the short fibers are collected or followed by netting.

The features of DW7090C are listed below:

  • Adopt PLC + touch screen control, simple operation, high degree of automation;
  • A small amount of raw materials is needed for proofing, saving costs;
  • Adopt precision pressure control, injecting material stably;
  • Independent temperature control of three sections of material cylinder makes the material temperature more accurate;
  • The centrifugal disk is resistant to high temperature;
  • The channel of centrifugal disk adopts precise processing, stable and smooth spinning, easy to clean;
  • It can adopt enclosed collection to avoid flying apart and falling.

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Application of Melt Centrifugal Spinning Machine

Melt spinning machine refers to the machine use melt spinning method to produce synthetic fiber. DW7090C melt centrifugal spinning machine is appropriate for micro-batch intermittent centrifugal spinning test. Materials like CF, PA, PE, PET, PP, and others can be used in this machine.


Melt Centrifugal Spinning Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Melt Centrifugal Spinning Machine

Application Micro-batch Intermittent centrifugal spinning test
Applicable material CF/PA/PE/PET/PP, etc.
Control mode PLC + Touch screen
Load mode Intermittent, manual
Load amount 200~2,000g
Melting mode Three sections electric heating
Melt temperature 300℃/450℃ (Please specify when order.)
Feeding mode Gas pressure
Pressure control Precise pressure regulating valve
Pressure range <1.6Mpa
Spinning mold Temp-controlled centrifugal disk
Spinning channel High speed airflow
Power Max. 45KW
Power Supply AC380V, 50Hz, 3phase
Dimensions 1,200×1,200×1,500mm (L×W×H)
Net weight ≤120kg


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