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Lab Scale Electrospinning System DW7093B

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DW7093B Lab Scale Electrospinning System is suitable for the research and development of electrospinning nanofiber materials in laboratory.

Lab Scale Electrospinning System DW7093B 

From left to right: Professional syringe pump, high voltage power supply, reciprocating controller, drum controller, reciprocating apparatus and collecting drum

Follows are features of Lab Scale Electrospinning System DW7093B  :

  • It mainly consists of the high voltage power supply, syringe pump, collecting drum and reciprocating apparatus.
  • High voltage power supply: Intelligent zero clearing, avoid the startup voltage directly rise to the last setting value, improve the safety of operation; Small and exquisite, save space, easy to operate.
  • Syringe pump: Professional electrostatic spinning syringe pump, with electrostatic shielding, free operation under high voltage electrostatic electric field; Touch screen operation, beautiful and generous, simple and convenient.
  • Collecting drum: Stable rotation, no vibration; large drum diameter, wide collection area; high quality corrosion resistant base, beautiful and easy to clean.
  • Reciprocating apparatus: Adjustable speed, stroke can be set; 6-needle hole position, improve spinning efficiency; the needle support angle is adjustable.



Application of Lab Scale Electrospinning System

Lab Scale Electrospinning System is widely used in textile, material, polymer and other researchfields.

It is is suitable for the research and development of electrospinning nanofiber materials in laboratory.




Lab Scale Electrospinning System Standards

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Scale Electrospinning System

High voltage power supply
Input AC 220V, 50Hz
Output Highest voltage [email protected], continuously adjustable from zero to the highest voltage, output positive or negative unipolarity.
Voltage, current display 3-digit LED display, voltage accuracy ±(0.5%+1), current accuracy ±(4%+3). Overvoltage/overcurrent/arc protection
Professional syringe pump
Syringe size 1~50ml
Working mode Injection, extraction, injection before extraction, extraction before injection, continuous circulation
Number of channel 1 (4 channels are optional)
Max. stroke 110mm
Speed range 1μm/min~150mm/min
Display Color LCD display, the same screen displays the volume of transfusion, volume of remaining liquid, flow, direction of operation, syringe size, etc. Animation displays running status.
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Collecting apparatus
Drum diameter φ100mm, length: 200mm
Speed standard: 100~1,350rpm (optional: 0~300rpm/200~4,500rpm, please specify the speed when ordering.)

Other size collecting apparatus can be customized, such as plate, mandrel, cage, etc.

Reciprocating apparatus
Stroke 0~200mm
Needle hole position  6pcs


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