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DW7091A Small Size Wet Spinning Machine is suitable for preparation of various chemical fiber materials including long and short fibers and BCF filaments.

Small Size Wet Spinning Machine DW7091A  

DW7091A Small Size Wet Spinning Machine is suitable for laboratory use to make various chemical fiber materials. It is specially designed for researching new material in the field of textile, macromolecule and other material.

It consists of mixing tank, dosing pump, filter, spinneret, coagulating bath, drawing roller, heating bath, drawing roller, setting bath, drawing roller and winding.

Here are the features of the machine:

  • The machine mainly consists of the solution tank, metering pump, filter, spinneret assembly, coagulation bath, water bath, winding device and control system;
  • Real-time acquisition and control of the temperature of the solution tank, metering pump, coagulation bath and water bath;
  • Stainless steel solution tank makes the material heated more evenly;
  • Dial pressure gauge is adopted to measure the pressure in the solution tank;
  • Real-time display pressure and flow of the metering pump;
  • The height of the spinneret assembly is adjusted by hand wheel;
  • Draft roller speed and winding roller speed are adjustable;
  • Touch screen control and display interface.


Application of Small Size Wet Spinning Machine 

Wet spinning is the oldest of the five processes. The polymer is dissolved in a spinning solvent where it is extruded out through a spinneret submerged in a coagulation bath composed of nonsolvents. The coagulation bath causes the polymer to precipitate in fiber form.

Small Size Wet Spinning machine can be  used in textile, material, polymer and other researchfields.

It is used in the teaching and research experiments of new fiber manufacturing, functional fiber development and raw material spinnability.



Wet Spinning Machine Standards

Key specification

Key specification of Wet Spinning Machine 

Solution tank Volume: 1L or customized,

Material: stainless steel,

Electrical heating, temperature range: up to 80°C,

Pressure gauge measures the pressure in the tank,

Nitrogen protection, stirring function.

Metering pump Flow: 0.6cc/rev,

Electrical heating, temperature range: up to 80°C.

Filter Material: stainless steel
Goose neck Material: stainless steel
Spinneret assembly Material: stainless steel, spinneret cap material: tantalum,

The specification of spinneret cap is subject to the material.

Coagulation bath/

Water bath

Tank material: stainless steel, Volume: 16L,

Electrical heating, temperature range: up to 80°C,

With organic glass lid and 2 pcs of guide roller

Draft roller Material: nylon, Speed range: ≤20m/min, adjustable

Two rollers one set

Oven Temperature control range: 0~200°C, adjustable
Winding device Main body of winding roller: Expansion shaft,

Speed range: ≤40m/min, adjustable

Winding tube material: paper tube

Control mode PLC & Touch screen control
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz, single phase or 380V, 50Hz, three phase

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