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Universal Wear Tester DW5430

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Universal Wear Tester, also named Universal Wear and Abrasion Resistance Tester, Stoll Abrasion Tester, which is designed to determine the wear and abrasion resistance of fabrics. By using different attachments, it can fulfill the following tests: Abrasion Test (inflated diaphragm method), Frosting Test, Flex Test, Edge and Fold Test.

Universal Wear Tester DW5430

Universal Wear Tester which can test various fabrics such as Clothing, shoes and industrial textiles

The test runs in under automatic mode, which not only ensures accurate test results with repeatability, but also saves operator time to evaluate test results. The digital counter can not only record the number of cycles when the sample is broken, but also be preset to close when the sample is about to break. Users can select the counter mode to accurately count down the test time, and calculate the number of wear cycles.

The instrument is equipped with a flat grinding test head (gas-filled film wear-resistant test method), a curved grinding test head, a required weight and an initial abrasive. Built-in timer and mechanical cycle counter. Consistent motor speed (120 double-click per minute, with a stroke of 25mm) ensures repeatability and reproducibility of the test. In addition, we can provide the accessories for frosting, pilling and edge friction test.

Frosting test can be carried out with the sample of pilling tester plus special elastic cushion. Use another elastic pad mounted on the top test head as the abrasive friction sample.

For edge and fold tests, the sample is mounted on an optional edge and a folding grinding clip.

Follows are Universal Wear Tester Specification :

  • Digital controls for accurate cycle counting and timing;
  • Automatically obtain accurate test result;
  • Large application range;
  • Multifunctional and precise;
  • Supplied with surface abrasion head (inflated diaphragm method), tension and head weights and abrasive paper.
  • Imported accessories and domestic accessories are supplied to be chosen.


Application of Universal Wear Tester

Universal Wear Tester is used to determine the wear and abrasion resistance of fabrics. By using different attachments, It is equipped with 6 digit timer and counters, for accurate control cycle numbers and running time. A built-in precision air pump provides accurate and stable air pressure to the inflated diaphragm tests.

With different attachments to fulfill many tests, such as abrasion test (inflated diaphragm method), frosting test, flex test, edge and fold test;

Please confirm which standard should be conform to .Thus we can equipped with correct consumable such as Elastomeric Friction Pad and Base Pad, Steel Wire Screen etc

If you want to know more detailed about Universal Wear and Abrasion Resistance Tester ,please contact with us.



Universal Wear Tester standards

ASTM D 3885 FTMS 5300 FZ/T 01121~01123 ASTM D 3886
FMS 5302


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Universal Wear Tester

Timing method 6-digit counter & timer
Pressure of air pump 0~6psi
Stroke of platform movement 25mm
Speed of platform movement 120cpm
Power supply AC220V 50Hz, single-phase
Dimensions 660(L)×340(W)×480(H)mm
Weight Approx. 48kg


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