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Eight-Basket Oven: Guide To Feature, Structure And Process

Eight-Basket Oven: Guide to Feature, Structure and Process

Eight-Basket Oven is mainly suitable for measuring the moisture regain of raw materials and finished products such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, and textile printing and dyeing industries. It can also be used for other applications that require constant temperature drying.

Eight-basket oven principle and working principle

Carry out rapid drying according to the predetermined program and automatically weigh at certain time intervals. Then compare the two weighing results before and after. When the weight difference between the two adjacent times is less than the specified value, the test is considered completed and the results are automatically calculated.

Eight-basket oven features

  • Conforms to requirements of GB/T 5883, 9995, ISO 6348, 6741-1 and ASTM D1576, D2495, D2654 standards.
  • Microcomputer temperature control, with PID self-tuning function, is reliable to control the oven’s temperature.
  • Over-heat protection to ensure the operation safe. Once the oven is over-heated, cut off the heater power automatically, and alert the operator at the same time.
  • Well-designed double duct ventilation structure and air-blast system, accelerated air circulation to keep an even temperature within the whole test chamber.
  • Rotational baskets use the frictional transmission system(at the top of the oven), and can be rotated by hand reverse, convenient to maintain.

Technical parameters

Drying methodForced heated-air convection
Temperature rangeRT~145℃
Temperature accuracy±1℃
Temperature uniformity±2℃
Balance capacity & accuracy500g,0.01g
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz
Dimensions970*830*1,350mm (L*W*H)

Eight-basket oven structure

The eight-basket oven is multi-layer hot air circulation equipment, mainly composed of a feed inlet, a hot air circulation system, a radiator, a temperature control system, etc. Its structure is as follows:

  • Pre-filter: Prevent dust from entering the inside of the oven and damaging the engine and fan.
  • Heater: Using hot air circulation heating, it has a fast and stable heating effect.
  •  Radiator: Using forced air guidance, it can effectively cool down and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  • Temperature control system: Using intelligent control technology, it can automatically adjust parameters such as temperature, time, and humidity according to processing needs.
  • Rear fan: makes the hot air circulation in the oven more uniform and ensures the baking effect.
  • Discharge port: mainly used for discharging and cleaning.

Eight-basket oven process

  1. Preheating: Before using the eight-basket oven, you need to preheat it to avoid product quality degradation due to insufficient internal temperature of the oven. Preheating usually takes about 30 minutes. At this time, the empty box needs to be preheated to the required constant temperature point.
  2. Insert ingredients: After the oven is preheated, you need to put the product into the oven. When selecting the product placement location, the products should be evenly distributed into 8 baskets according to the corresponding processing temperature and time regulations.
  3. Temperature adjustment: After all products are placed in the drying box, the constant temperature point of the drying box needs to be preset to the required temperature. This needs to be operated according to the product characteristics to ensure that the constant temperature point gradually rises to the required temperature to achieve the best effect.
  4. Insulation: When the internal temperature of the oven reaches the constant temperature point, it is necessary to start insulating to ensure that the product is evenly dried. The holding time also needs to be adjusted according to product characteristics and temperature requirements.
  5. Discharging: When the set baking time is reached, the product needs to be taken out and checked to see if the product meets the requirements. When extracting the product, first turn off all gas sources and power sources to avoid equipment damage caused by improper operation.
  6. Cleaning: After each use of the eight-basket oven, the inside of the oven needs to be cleaned. When cleaning, you need to gradually adjust the oven’s constant temperature point from high temperature to room temperature. And then clean the inside.


  1. The sample needs to be placed with the heating turned off. The sample cannot be placed on the heat sink.
  2. If the sample will undergo phase changes at high temperature, it must be placed in a tray to avoid contaminating other samples.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to put flammable , explosives, acidic, volatile, corrosive and other items into the box.
  4. When taking samples, avoid pointing your head directly towards the opening of the box door. Wait for the heat in the box to dissipate for 10 seconds before taking samples.
  5. This equipment is a high-power and high-temperature equipment. When using it, it should be placed in a dry and level place indoors. Pay attention to safety. Prevent accidents such as fire, electric shock and burns.
  6. It is strictly prohibited to store or store flammable, explosives and other low-ignition points and acidic and corrosive volatile items around the equipment. For example, organic solvents, compressed gases, cotton yarn, cloth scraps, tapes, plastics, paper and other flammable items are prohibited.
  7. The transparent viewing window of the oven cannot be wiped with organic solvents or scratched with sharp objects. It must be kept clean.
  8. Regularly check whether the oven’s circuit system, fan operation, and temperature controller are normal. If there is any problem, immediately shut down the machine for inspection and repair.
  9. Turn off the power switch and heating switch of the oven in time to prevent the heating from automatically starting when the power comes in, which may cause serious consequences.
  10. Once the temperature control of the oven fails, causing the material in the oven to become overheated and ignite spontaneously, immediately turn off the heating switch and turn off the power supply. Besides,  the oven door must not be opened, and an alarm is issued to notify the relevant departments. And the external forced cooling is performed, and on-site fire extinguishing equipment is used if there is an open fire. Carry out fire fighting to prevent re-ignition. When the power is on, do not touch the electrical parts of the box with your hands. And do not use wet cloth or water to extinguish or shower.
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