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What is Lab Two Roll Mill ? What is structure and classification of two roll Mill?

What is Two Roll Mill?  

Lab Two Roll Mill DW5110 is a open type rubber refining machine. Rubber factory used to make plastic rubber, mixed rubber or hot refining, out of a type of rubber roller exposed machine

The main working parts are two hollow rollers or drilling rollers rotating in opposite direction. The device is called the front roller on the operator side. It can move forward and backward through manual or electric movements to adjust the roll distance and adapt to the operation requirements. The rear roll is fixed and cannot be moved forward or backward. The size of the two rollers is generally the same, and they rotate at different speeds. The gap between the two rollers is drawn with the rotation of the roller and the raw glue or glue material is subjected to intense shear and achieve the purpose of mixing. The mill is also used in plastics processing and other departments.

In the plastic products factory, people also used to call it 2 roll mill machine .The mixer is a kind of mixing plastics equipment which was applied earlier in the manufacture of plastic products. On the production line of calendering machine, the function of the mill before the calendering machine and after the mixing machine is to mix and plasticize the raw materials uniformly mixed, so as to provide more uniform melting materials for the calendering plastic products of the calendering machine.

In the production of cable materials, the opening and refining functions directly combine the powdery materials mixed according to the formula into melting materials, and then pressure into flake strip, so that the granulator cut into granular. In the floor leather production line, can directly provide leather mixed plasticized uniform primer. Can also be recycled waste plastic film (sheet) in the mill re-refining plastic back.

1.2  What is structure and classification of two roll Mill?   

  1. Plastic refining, crushing, washing and pressing of raw rubber;
  2. Remove impurities in mixing, pressing and gluing materials;
  3. Hot refining and supply of mixed rubber;
  4. Crushing, mixing and pressing of reclaimed rubber.

The two roll mill is mainly composed of roller, bearing, frame, gland, driving device, distance adjusting device, lubrication system, temperature adjusting device and emergency brake device. Although the size of the mill is different,  but its basic structure is similar. In the process of rubber refining, the mill mainly relies on two relatively rotating rollers to squeeze and shear the rubber. After many times of kneading and the chemical action accompanying the kneading process, the chain of big molecules inside the rubber is broken, and various components inside the rubber are mixed evenly, and finally the purpose of rubber refining is achieved. From the film excluded in the roller gap is coated on one roller because of the difference in surface speed and temperature of two rollers, and returns to the other two rollers, thus repeatedly, completing the rubber refining. During plasticizing, the molecular chains of rubber change from long to short. The elasticity goes from big to small; In the mixing process, the surface of each component of the adhesive is constantly updated and mixed evenly. In the batch operation of the mixer, after feeding the rubber material repeatedly through the distance several times, and finally cut the lower pieces.

The extrusion effect is due to the rubber material through the gradually reduced roller spacing, with the increase of transverse pressure and extrusion

Pressure increases; Shear action is due to the speed ratio of the front and rear roller, the greater the shear force.

Specifications of the mixing machine with “work roller part x roller diameter section length”, such as Φ 550 x 1500, unit is mm.

Part of China standard is the diameter of the roller before the number of Chinese phonetic symbols to indicate the use of the machine

The technical features of the machine shall include: roller speed, speed ratio, power, mixing capacity, adjustment range of roller distance, external installation size and transmission mode, etc.

The main parts of the mill include: roller, roller bearing, distance adjusting device, frame, safety brake device and rubber plate.


1.3 The history of two roll mill and development

Two roll mill is the earliest used in the rubber industry, simple structure of the most basic rubber machinery.

As early as 1820, a manual – driven single – roller trough rubber refining machine. Double-roller rubber mixing machine has been used in rubber processing in 1826 and has a history of more than 180 years. China began to design and manufacture large – scale drilling machines in 1955. In the last fifty years, the design and manufacture level of the mill has been greatly improved. In recent years, the domestic – made new – type structure mixer emerges continuously. Effectively promoted the development of drilling machine. Up to now, domestic mill has become a series, and completed a part of the specification design work, and has been exported abroad.

With the continuous development of the rubber industry, the opening mill is being improved and updated step by step. Due to the application and development of the equipment such as the extruder, the mixer and the continuous mixer, the application range of the mixer has been greatly reduced in the automatic production line of water mixing. However, it is still widely used in the middle and small factories, especially in the production of recycled rubber and special rubber types in small batches and the rubber materials.

The personage outside the country thinks, mill machine is done not replace to open a machine, mill machine just makes the glue that is close to complete, and later processing, had better use open a machine to continue to finish.

No big changes have been made in the foreign series, and the structure has been set up. Its development trend is to improve mechanization automation level, improve labor conditions, improve production efficiency, reduce machine floor area, improve ancillary equipment and extend service life.

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