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Introduction of Banbury Mixer (including maintenance steps)

 What is Banbury Mixer?  

Banbury Mixer DW5310 is to make the product conform to the quality and color required by the customer. In order to meet the customer’s requirements, the experimental results and their ratios are applied to the production line.

Rubber Banbury Mixer is suitable for

Rubber products: all kinds of rubber ring, rubber hose, adhesive tape, rubber belt, shockproof rubber, rubber roller, rubber sponge, tires, rubber sole, oil seal, etc. Miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber, footwear, sports ball, etc. Chemical industrial raw materials mixing: all kinds of cable materials, color master batch, EVA, PVC, carbon black, low smoke no fontanel, TPR, cable heat shrinkable tube, calcifications high filling engineering material and so on the mixing of chemical raw materials.


The mixing groove is made of advanced and special steel, the surface is treated with wear-resistant steel, hard chrome electroplating on the surface and excellent wear resistance, which is 1-2 times longer than the traditional one. The mixing tank is divided into dumping type and lifting type. The anti-leakage of mixing shaft adopts dry mechanical shaft seal to make it easy to clean and change color and environmental protection.

The development of Banbury Mixer ?   

Banbury Mixer also named rubber banbury mixerr is mainly used in rubber mixing and plastic refining. The mixer is a machine with a pair of rotors with a specific shape and a relative rotation, which plasticizes and blends the polymer materials in a closed state with adjustable temperature and pressure.

It is mainly composed of mixing chamber, rotor, rotor seal device, feeding press device, unloading device, transmission device and machine base.

The mixer is a high strength interstitial mixing equipment developed on the basis of the mixer. Since the Banbury mixer emerged in 1916, the power of the mixer has been gradually recognized. In the process of rubber mixing, it shows a series of features superior to the mixer, such as high mixing capacity, short time and high production efficiency. It can overcome the dust, reduce the loss of dosing agent, and improve product quality and working environment. Safe and convenient operation to reduce labor intensity; It is beneficial to realize mechanical and automatic operation. Therefore, one of the important achievements of rubber producing machinery of mixer is still the typical important equipment in plastic and mixing, which is still developing and improving

The working principle of Banbury Mixer?  

When the banbury mixerworks, the two rotors rotate relative to each other, and the material from the feeding port is clamped into the roll gap by the rotor’s compression and shear.

After passing through the roll gap, the material is divided into two parts when it comes to the upper part of the roll gap between the front and back chamber wall and the rotor. During the flow around the rotor, the material is subjected to shear and friction everywhere, causing the temperature of the adhesive to rise sharply and the viscosity to drop, which increases the wetting property of the rubber on the surface of the compound and makes the rubber fully contact with the compound surface.

The complex block is together with the rubber material. Through the gap between the rotor and the rotor, the gap between the rotor and the upper and lower roof bolt, and the inner wall of the mill, it is broken under shear and is surrounded by the stretch-deformed rubber and stable in the crushing state. At the same time, the protrusion on the rotor makes the adhesive move along the axial direction of the rotor, which plays the role of mixing and mixing. The complex agent is sheared and broken repeatedly, the glue material produces deformation and restores deformation repeatedly, and the rotor rib is continuously stirred, making the complex agent disperse evenly in the glue material and achieving a certain degree of dispersion.

Because the shearing action of the compound is much greater than that of the mixer, and the temperature of the compound is high, the efficiency of the mixer is much higher than that of the mixer.

How to use banbury mixer?  

1.Calculate the amount of primary rubber and the actual formula according to the capacity of secret mill and the appropriate filling coefficient (0.6-0.7);

2.Accurately weigh the amount of various raw materials in the formula according to the actual formula, and use the raw glue, small materials (ZnO, SA, accelerator,Anti-aging agent, solid softener and so on), reinforcing agent or filling agent, liquid softener and sulfur yellow are placed respectively, and the product is arranged in the rack , sequence lined up;

3.Turn on the power switch and heating switch, preheat the mixer, and check whether the air pressure, water pressure and voltage conform to the process requirements.Check whether the temperature measuring system, timing device, power system indication and record are normal;

4.After the mixer is preheated, stabilize for a period of time and prepare the rubber refining;

5.Lift up the top bolt, put the raw glue cut into small pieces into the mixer from the feeding port, and drop the top bolt, mixing the rubber for 1min;

Classification of banbury mixer:

1.According to its rotor structure, the classification of mixer can be divided into: oval rotor mixer, cylindrical rotor mixer, triangle rotor mixer.

2.According to the working principle, it can be divided into two types: tangent rotor mixer and meshing rotor mixer. According to rotor speed again

3.It can be divided into: low speed, medium speed, high speed, single speed, double speed, variable speed mixer, etc.

4.The heating and cooling equipment of mixer: the heating type mixer is widely used in plastic and other rubber materials, and the cooling type mixer is mainly used for rubber materials which need to control the temperature rise too fast. At present, domestic mixer is a medium-speed mixer, and the fundamental reason is that the current technology in China is unable to effectively control the temperature control problem caused by the rapid rise of temperature.

How to maintenance rubber banbury mixer?   

1.Check whether the bolts of the mixer are loose or not, and seal the unloading door.

2.Remove and check the wear of the stationary and moving rings of the rotor end seal device of the mixer and clean them. Check the seal whether the oil pressure and oil amount of the lubricating oil meet the requirements.

3.Check the working conditions of feeding cylinder and pressing cylinder of the mixer. And clean the oil and water separator and the silencer.

4. Check the working status of gear coupling and rod tip coupling of mixer.

5. Check whether the cooling system of mixer is working normally.

6. Check whether the seal of rotary joint of mixer is worn and leaking.

7. Check whether the unloading door locking device of the mixer is flexible, and whether the opening and closing time meet the requirements. Then check whether the contact position of the pad on the landing unloading door seat and the pad on the locking device is within the specified range and make adjustment. Check wear of lock block and stripper block.

8: Check the clearance amount between the sliding discharge door and the baffle ring and the chamber of the mixer, and make adjustment.

9. Check the noise of mixer.

10. Check whether the indicator of mixer is normal at any time.

If you need more information about Banbury Mixer theory or how to rubber Banbury Mixer  machine , please send email to [email protected].

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