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What is Laboratory press? How does rubber laboratory Press work ?

What is laboratory Press?  

Laboratory Press DW5150A/DW5150B  is mainly used for vulcanizing flat tape, hot plate pressure per unit area. It has advantages of reliable equipment operation and maintenance quantity is little.

Rubber Vulcanizing Press main function is to provide the necessary vulcanization pressure and temperature. The pressure generated by the hydraulic system by hydraulic cylinder, provided by heating medium temperature. According to the working layer number can have single and double points. According to the hydraulic system working medium is oil pressure and water pressure.

In the rubber industry of laboratory Press, column rubber laboratory Press is an early type of machine. And Rubber Vulcanizing Press used in China in the past is mostly column structure. But at present, frame structure is mostly adopted. Compared with column flat plate vulcanizing machine, frame flat plate vulcanizing machine has certain advantages.

Working principle of laboratory Press 

During laboratory press working, hot plate heating sizing up and make the cross linked rubber molecules and its structure by the size of the linear structure into a mesh structure, which is available with a range of physical and mechanical properties of products, but the rubber after heated, began to grow soft and at the same time, moisture and volatile matter within the rubber to gasification, then rely on hydraulic cylinder give enough pressure to make rubber model, and limit the generation of air bubbles, the organizational structure of fine and close. If it is laminated, glue and cloth can be firm. In addition, sufficient pressure is given to prevent the mold from overflow edge, the lack of glue in patterns, stoma sponge and other phenomena.

Feature of rubber laboratory Press

1 All four pressing plates are made of SKD chromium-molybdenum alloy. The surface is treated by high frequency, carburizing, chromium plating and polishing, with a hardness of up to 60HRC.

2 Four high-strength precision guide columns are designed with double layers of high-strength laminate clamping structures. The heavy structural steel of the frame can effectively reduce deformation and damage. The parallelism between the laminate plates is extremely high.

3 The patented heating control technology is equipped with imported high-precision PID digital temperature control display. The heat transfer pipe according to the heat density distribution can ensure uniform temperature distribution on the heating plate surface.

4 The moulded board is divided into a standard upper heating zone and a lower cooling zone. The upper heating plate is built with multiple electric heat pipes, which can be heated stably and reliably. The lower cold pressing plate has a snake-like water cooling pipe, which can cool down quickly and forcefully. Electrical heating and water cooling integration of the layout, a wide range of applications.

5 The hydraulic system has the function of automatic pressure compensation, delay stop and pressure keeping, including at least two pressure sets and two units display, and multiple exhaust actions can be set arbitrarily. The optimized electro – hydraulic drive combination design reduces the energy consumption and efficiency of the product while improving the efficiency.

6 Electrical control system is distributed in accordance with CE or higher standards. All electrical components are of pure brand. Temperature control, time and pressure can be set and displayed.

How does rubber laboratory Press work ?  


1 Check the hydraulic oil quantity before use. The hydraulic oil height is 2/3 of the height of the lower frame. If the oil quantity is insufficient, it should be added in time

Filtering. Clean # 20 hydraulic oil is added into the oil injection hole of the lower stand. The oil level can be seen from the oil benchmark, which is generally added to 2/3 of the height of the lower stand.

2 Check the lubrication between the column shaft and the guide frame for timely refueling, so as to maintain good lubrication operation.

3 Turning on the power supply will be moved to the vertical position, operating handles to close the oil return port, press the motor start button, the oil from the oil pump into the oil cylinder, plunger driven up.

When the closed hot plate, oil pump continue to oil. The oil pressure rises to the rating (14.5 MPa) register press stop button.

When the machine is stop the holding state (i.e., timing of sulfide), reach the curing time, move the handle when the plunger down to open mould, motor overload can automatically cut off power supply, electric heating temperature control, the automatic temperature control in three road, can in 20-200 degrees range adjusted, after reaching the temperature, the circuit can automatically to keep constant temperature, After reaching the set curing time, automatically alarm. Plate vulcanizing machine (25 tons) is suitable for pressing all kinds of moulded products, such as rubber and plastics, also suitable for thin sheet products.


(1) The hydraulic oil shall be 20 # mechanical oil or 32 # hydraulic oil, and the oil must be carefully filtered before adding.

(2) Check the lubrication between the column shaft and the guide frame for timely refueling, so as to maintain good lubrication operation.

(3) All parts of the machine shall be kept clean, and the column shaft and guide frame shall be lubricated frequently and well.

(4) If abnormal noise is found, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and can be used again after troubleshooting

(5) Temperature control of hot plate: when the rotary button SA1 is closed, the plate starts heating. When the temperature of the plate reaches the preset value, the heating will be stopped automatically. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the plate is automatically heated and the temperature is always kept at the set value.

(6) Control of vulcanization motor: press the motor start button SB2, the ac contactor can generate electricity, and the oil pump works. When the liquid pressure reaches the set value, it is the ac contact. When the pressure drops, the oil pump motor starts to fill the pressure automatically. And reaches the set curing time Knowing that the curing time has come, you can open the mold, press the “ring stop” button. And move the manually operated valve to make the plate drop, so that the next cycle can be carried out.

If you need more information about rubber laboratory Press theory/Plastic laboratory Press theory and price .please send email to [email protected].

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