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AATCC 169 is different with AATCC 16

TCC 169 different with AATCC 16. AATCC 16E-1987 Colorfastness to Light:Water-Cooled Xenon-Arc Lamp, Continuous Light is discontinued , superseded by Method 16.

AATCC 169 different with AATCC 16. Please check is as belows.

AATCC169 method 3 is different from AATCC 16E method 3

I attach AATCC 16E method 3 below:

AATCC 169 is different with AATCC 16

The above five test methods are involved in AATCC16, where method 1 and method 2 are tested with carbon arc lamp, and the latter three test methods are tested with the xenon arc lam, you can set parameters follow the bellow table:

AATCC 169 different with AATCC 16 2

About how the system control CHT and BPT


CHT is the chamber temperature that is simulate the environment temperature the test need. The system control CHT by controlling heating tube and compressor. When the chamber temperature is lower than the specified value, the heating tube start to heat until it reach the specified temperature; and when the chamber temperature is higher than the specified value, the compressor will start to cool it. So the chamber temperature is in a dynamic equilibrium state.


BPT is black panel temperature; when the xenon lamp light passes through the filter, the black panel and specimen absorb light at the same time, the black panel play the role of supervising the specimen temperature. The system can adjust black panel temperature by vent tube.

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