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Filament Lab Equipment Project

As for filament project , need to testing belows item :


  • Yarn Count
  • Break Strength & Elongation
  • Evenness
  • Draw Force
  • Knitting Performance
  • Dyeing Performance


  • Color Fastness To Rubbing
  • Colour Fastness To Washing
  • Color Fastness To Perspiration


  • Jet Dyeing
  • Cross Section
  • Moisture Content
  • Oil Content
  • Melting Point
  • Twist
  • Crimp Contraction

Today we recommend some machine for filament project and thus can help you to select the suitable model for lab and research .

Filament Evenness Tester For Filament Project

SPIN5900 Filament Evenness Tester adopts 4 capacitive testing slots for a wide range of filament, can measure  ,and analyze the linear density (mass) , variations quickly and accurately.,Test speed: 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 m/min ,Direction and speed of twist: S or Z, 1000r/min ~ 30000r/min, continuously adjustable Environmental requirement:

Filament Evenness Tester

Draw Force

YG367 Full-Automatic Draw Force Tester For Filament is used for stress determination of POY after heating  & drawing, can predict the dyeing performance in  subsequent process.

Draw Force
Draw Force2
  • Load range: 0~500cN
  • Accuracy : ≤±0.5%
  • Accuracy of elongation: 0.01mm
  • Draw speed: 10~400mm/min, adjustable
  • Draw ratio: 60%, can be customized
  • Heating Temperature: RT~300℃

Break Strength & Elongation

  • YG023B-III adopts pneumatic clamp and can suck waste yarn automatically to simplify the operation
  • Controlled by the software on PC directly, able to display real-time test data and statistical value of break strength, elongation rate, etc.
Break Strength & Elongation

If you need more information, please send email to [email protected].

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