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Different Types Of Knitting Machine

Different types of knitting machine

Knitting machine is an instrument which can help us create knitted fabrics. Different types of knitting machine have different specifications and functions. And we can use them for knits fabric or knitting various parts of knitted garments.

Classification of knitting machines

Knitting machines can generally be classified in four forms:

  1. According to process category: weft knitting machine, warp knitting machine
  2. Based on needle bed: single jersey knitting machine, double jersey knitting machine
  3. According to the form of needle bed: flat knitting machine, circular knitting machine
  4. According to needle type: spring bearded needle machine, latch needle machine, compound needle machine
Different types of knitting machine

Warp knitting machine

Warp knitting is a method of fabric forming. And the loops are made in a vertical way along the length of the fabric from each warp yarns and intermeshing of loops takes place in a flat form of lengthwise basis. Here, numerous ends of yarns are being fed simultaneously to individual needles placed in a lateral fashion. Most of the knitted structures are flat or open width form.

warp knitting
warp knitting

Usually, we divide warp knitting machines into three categories:

  • According to needle bed: single needle bed warp knitting machine, double needle bed warp knitting machine
  • According to the type of knitting needle: spring bearded needle warp knitting machine, latch needle warp knitting machine and compound needle warp knitting machine. Compound needle warp knitting machine has groove needle and tube needle two kinds.
  • According to process category: Tricot Warp Knitting Machine, Raschel Warp Knitting Machine

Weft knitting machine

Weft knitting is a method of forming a fabric. In this method,the loops are made in horizontal way from a single yarn and intermeshing of loops take place in a circular or flat form on across wise basis. In this method, feeding is one yarn at a time, to a multiplicity of fashion. Most of the weft knitting is of tubular form.

weft knitting
weft knitting

Circular and flat knitting machine

In weft knitting production, knitting machine types are also different in order to knit different knitted fabrics or formed products. We usually call it circular knitting machine when the needle is inserted in cylindrical needle cylinder or needle tray. And the knitting machine is called flat knitting machine when the needle is inserted in flat needle bed. These machines can be classified by the number of beds or cylinders, the type of bed or cylinders and the type of needles used.

Single jersey knitting machine

Generally, we use single needle bed (or single needle cylinder) machine to produce single knitting fabric. The machines that use spring bearded needle as loop forming machine have loop wheel machine, flannelette round machine, etc.In addition,single jersey knitting machines that use latch needle have open-top circular knitting machine (single jersey circular knitting machine), terry knit machine (pile loop machine), etc.

Double jersey knitting machine

Double jersey knitted fabrics are special. So that we can only produce them on double-bed knitting machines (or double jersey circular machines). They are generally latch knitting machines, such as rib knitting machines, interlock knitting machines, flatbed purl knitting machine, jacquard circular machines and flat knitting machines.


In addition, in order to produce full fashioned fabric, there are special weft knitting machines, such as full fashioned automatic flat knitting machine, full fashioned flat spring needle knitting machine, glove machine and round hosiery machine.

different types of weft knitting machine
different types of weft knitting machine

Our company provides two types of small circular knitting machines: DW0910 lab knitter and DW0910 series knitting machine. And they belong to single needle circular weft knitting machines. To learn more information about these machines, please send email to [email protected].

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