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Torque Rheometer DW5300

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Torque Rheometer is used to the study of material flow, the ideal equipment of plasticizing, heat, shear stability, the rheometer provided closer to the actual processing of dynamic measurement method, can be similar to the actual processing conditions, continuous, accurate and reliable determination of the rheological properties of materials. The torque rheometer can be interchangeable with the mixer, single screw extruder or twin screw extruder.

Torque Rheometer DW5300

Torque Rheometer is a well-combined rheometer available, consisting of rheometer, mixer, extruder, etc. It is applicable to determine several parameters of thermoplastic material via host computer with proprietary software, such as thermal stability, shear stability, fluidity and plasticizing behavior. It also can measure curing properties of thermosetting material during processing which is similar to the actual process. The typical specimens are PVC, PE, PP, rubber, etc.

This machine is suitable to test rheological characteristics of polymers, typical applications in the polymer processing include:

Follows are features of the tester :

  • Determination of the processing behavior
  • Evaluating processability
  • Compounding polymers with additives
  • Extruding profiles, films, etc. for further testing
  • Rheological testing
  • Optimizing process parameters or performing quality control, etc.
  • The reason that we use torque rheometer, as follow:
  • Polymers processing under molten state, such as extruding, injection molding
  • Processibility and the product quality affected by fluidity(viscosity)
  • Torque rheometer and measuring sensors are miniaturization production equipments
  • Testing process is similar to the actual process


Application of Torque Rheometer

The main machine contains control system and detection system. The control system uses Hitachi frequency converter to control motor. The electrical system is independent. Our own software makes control more coordinating. Our equipment has a great performance in torque testing and temperature control. It help client effectively assess material properties and also improve formula.

If you need more information about Torque Rheometer please contact with us.


Torque Rheometer Standard

AATCC TM 16 ISO105-B02 ISO105-B04 ISO105-B06


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification of Torque Rheometer

Key specification of Torque Rheometer

Volume 30ml,60ml,120ml
Rotors Delta, Roller, Banbury, Sigma (optional)
Heating 3 zones, electric heating, 350℃ max.
Heating speed 200℃/10mins, 200℃/12mins
Cooling method Air cooling
Screw style single screw
Screw progressive, mutant, etc. (optional)
progressive, isobathic and variable pitch (optional)
Screw diameter Φ20mm, Φ30mm
L/D ratios 25/1, 12/1
Heating 3 zones, electric heating;
2 zones, electric heating
Heating speed 200℃/15mins; adjustable
Cooling 3 zones, air cooling; 2 zones, air cooling
Dies (customized) cylinder, Φ5mm×1(standard configuration); pellet; pipe; plain film; capillary; cable coating; Garvey( for rubbers extruder)


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