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The Relationship Between Micronaire Value  And  Yarn Quality And Spinning Process

The relationship between micronaire value and yarn quality and spinning process

What is Fiber micronaire value

Micronaire is the transliteration of the English microaire, Micronaire value is a comprehensive index reflecting the fineness and maturity of cotton fiber, and is one of the important internal quality indexes of cotton fiber, which is closely related to the use value of cotton fiber.

Degree of it

The Micronaire value s divided into three levels: A, B and C, and B is the standard level.

The value range of grade A is 3.7 to 4.2, with the best quality;

The value range of grade B is 3.5-3.6 and 4.3-4.9.

And the value range of grade C is 3.4 and below and 5.0 and above, with the worst quality.

The specific measurement method is to use an airflow meter to measure the air permeability of cotton fiber with constant weight after being pressed into a fixed volume, and expressed with the scale value. The larger the value is, the thicker the cotton fiber is and the higher the maturity is.

B24.3- 4.9
CC13.4 or less than 3.4
C25.0 or above 5.0

In order to improve the inherent quality of cotton, integrate with international standards and facilitate international trade, China’s GB 1103-1999 “cotton fine wool cotton” has listed macron value as cotton quality assessment indicators.

Micronaire value has closely related to yarn quality

High Micronaire value fibers can withstand mechanical shock, easy to remove impurities, evenly-dried yarn, clean appearance, less defects, high production rate of finished products. But macron value is too high, can affect yarn strength. Cotton fibers with low macron value often have poor maturity and are prone to harmful defects and poor dyeing. Therefore, only cotton with a moderate macron value can achieve comprehensive economic benefits by taking into account both aspects.

The relationship between micronaire value and the the yarn quality is incompatible, It cannot treat as the same. The yarn count of yarn is closely related to the thickness of the low a gauze high incompatible micronaire fiber into yarn are of good quality and fine yarn, Especially fine yarn requirement well is low, the yarn coarse unit section fibrous root number, fiber strength directly influence on yarn strength, yarn count less fine unit section fibrous root number, root number directly influence on yarn strength of fiber.

The Micronaire value is a fineness index range, originally in units of 10-6 g/inch, and is now treated as dimensionless due to the instability of the test

The relationship between micronaire value spinning process

A certain thickness of yarn is required to be spun so that the yarn has a certain strength to withstand various stresses in the process and to give the textiles necessary performance. The yarn must have a certain minimum number of fibers in the cross section. So,  coarse fiber roving, fine fiber spinning.

Under the same condition, the finer the fiber, the higher the strength of the yarn, and the better the evenness. However, the finer the fiber, the easier it is to kink and break during processing, and the easier it is to form knots.

High maturity of cotton fiber strength good

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