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Electrospinning Machine and Electrospinning Technique development

What is Electrospinning Technique  development ?

Electrostatic spinning

Elecrospinning is as a type of simple but highly effective processing technology in macromolecule nanofiber production. The preparation of low modulus, high flexibility, high strength biodegradable polymer fiber is an important scientific subject, once R&D successfully, it can be used to make stitches of high flexibility single silk, and can also be used to prepare tissue engineering scaffolds, which will greatly promote the development and progress of medicine and biology.

Therefore, the following research will be strengthened in the future, i.e. the use of electrospinning principle, by improving the device, controlling parameters, getting the continuous, uniform size, defect controllable polymer nanofibers and arrangement rules. Based on the performance of polymer nanofibers, better properties and biocompatibility of polymer nanofibers will be R&D. It is also an important research direction that how long time the strength can be maintained in the body, and can be absorbed in the short time after wound healing.

The development process of Electrospinning technique 

development process of Electrostatic spinning

In 2003, Dr Jun Kameoka et from Korea first studied low-voltage Electrospinning and introduced a method of producing ordered fiber by using scanning probe as a spinning needle for electrostatic spinning. The probe was made by using an arrot-shaped silicon tip with a self-installed 300um, and a probe was used to dip the polymer solution into the electric spinning. The spinning distance was 2cm and the spinning voltage was 4-6kv. This method makes the low-voltage near-field electrostatic spinning become possible, and the ordered array of micro-nano fibers is obtained by the rotation of the collection plate relative to the spinning tip. FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram of the preparation of low-voltage electrospinning polymer fibers.

In 2006, Dr. Sun Tao from Xiamen University put forward the concept of the near field electrostatic spinning, the team used tungsten tip self-assembled 25um dipped to near-field electrospinning, the spinning distance 500um, spinning voltage 600v. Article focuses on the near-field electro spinning in the application of direct writing technology, controlling the pace of the collection plates in different one-way movement, will collect plate movement speed and spinning speed coordinate matching, to achieve the orderly fiber, and some preliminary attempt to direct writing.

Chinese development in the field of electrospinning equipment


database shows below:

  1. In the web of science database, Chinese researchers published literatures in the field of electrospinning for a total of 15134 articles, 46% of the world literature, but also become the world’s total number of the published literature in the field of most countries or regions. In 2012, Chinese literature accounted for only the world’s total.

It can be seen that after several years of development, China’s research and development in the field of electrostatic spinning is very rapid.

  1. Through literature type analysis, the number of Articles in China was 9754, accounting for 64.5% of the total.

According to the Chinese patent database, the total number of patents in China was 4,028 in 2004-2017, including 3,584 patents, 440 utility models and 4 designs. The number of Chinese patents in 2017 is 452.

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