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Fiber Spinning Machine development and classification

Chemical Fiber Spinning machine  is a machine that spinning polymer solutions or melts into filaments. According to different fiber spinning methods, the spinning machine is divided into three types: wet spinning machine, melt spinning machine and dry spinning machine. Today we give a detailed introduce these three machine .

  1. Wet Spinning Machine

It suit for viscose fiber, acrylic fiber, polyvinylon, etc. The main characteristic is that the polymer solution is extruded from the spinneret hole and solidified into primary fibers in the solidified solution tank

  • Staple fibre spinning machine, the spinning solution is introduced from the infusion tube the precision metering pump metering, through the filter into the spinneret, the spinning extrusion trickle into the coagulation bath, after solidification after godet together into a bundle of fiber were then through water washing or stretching. Staple fibre spinning machine is characterized by a large number of spinneret (plate) holes in the spinneret, usually 3,000 to tens of thousands of holes
  • Filament spinning machine: different from staple fibre spinning machine, the winding mechanism of the solidified filament is added. After washing from the coagulation bath, the filament passes through the guide wire plate and enters into the high-speed rotating centrifugal tank through the guide wire funnel which moves up and down. Such a spinning machine is called centrifugal tank spinning machine. If the filament is wound around the bobbin by the guide reel, it is called bobbin spinning machine. For example, the semi-continuous spinning machine is called a semi-continuous spinning machine with a partial post-processing procedure before winding. Continuous spinning machine is called continuous spinning machine if the whole process of spinning and post-processing is completed continuously on the spinning machine. The production of viscose cord adopts continuous spinning machine. The spinneret for spinning filament is usually below 150 holes, and the number of holes for spinning cord fiber is more than 3000 holes.
  1. Melt spinning machine:

It Used for spinning equipment of polyester, polyamide and polypropylene etc. The characteristic is that the melt flow solidifies into fibers in the cold wind, which is evenly blown to the fine flow through the high efficiency filter, regulating valve and guiding device. The spinning speed is high, generally 600 ~ 1500 m/min. There are also two types of melt spinning machines.

Filament spinning machine: when the high polymer section enters the screw extruder from the hopper, it is fused and driven by the screw and fed into the spindle box through the catheter. Melt spinning metering pump hitches in enclosure to spinneret (plate), by the melt spinneret hole extrusion trickle in encountered in the cold air cooling solidified into fiber spinning a window, oiling after winding by winding device on the bobbin. The number of holes in filament spinneret is generally from several to dozens of holes. When spinning the cord, it can reach about 200 holes, and only one hole is left when spinning the brown silk. At this time, the melt flow is cooled and solidified with water bath. The trend of fusing filament spinning machine in the 1970s is: multiple spinning, that is, each spinning part is equipped with 2, 3, 4, 6 or more spinnerets to increase the output of the machine. High-speed spinning, spinning speed is 3500 ~ 4000 meters per minute, even up to 5000 meters per minute or more; In large rolls, the volume of each drum can reach 10 to dozens kilograms. Continuous, spinning and drawing on a spinning machine to complete at the same time, also have a spinning, drawing, deformation process is done in a spinning machine (BCF), has been applied to the production of polypropylene fiber and polyamide fiber. This machine is compact in structure, small in area and high in production efficiency. In addition, the degree of automation of the spinning machine is also increasing.

Staple spinning machine: compared with the long filament spinning machine, it is characterized by large spinneret with the number of holes. The number of holes is generally from 400 to 1100. In spinning shaft adopts circular blowing winds blowing or ring plus side of the air cooling system, the spinning parts no single winding structure, each part of strips after godet or small rotor, a tractor will tow to feeding wire wheel, then tow on the wire barrel. The capacity of silk can reach 450 ~ 2000 kilograms per barrel. Direct spinning is often used in the production of short fibers in large synthetic fiber factories. Melt spinning short-range spinning machine without spinning channel appeared.

3 . Air spinning machine

It used in the production of acrylic and polyvinylon filament. Spinning dope by iv after filter, metering pump and spinneret into the aisle, forming the trickle of meet the hot air in the tunnel, solvent evaporation, solidified into a trickle of polymer fiber, then tow winding into a package. Dry spinning speed is generally 200 ~ 800 m/min. In order to meet the needs of special spinning technology, dry – wet spinning machine appeared in the 1970s

Specification about Chemical Fiber Spinning Machine

Fiber Spinning Machine adopts new type of spinning machine and the melt blending pipe, using large panel spinneret, circular or rectangular with the sealing components, using measurement precision planetary gear pump and a bit stretched quick release lever, uniform and stable side wind device, large flow spray oiling system, environmental protection and energy saving medium electric heating system, import control, intelligent instruments equipped with side continued to switch filters available renewable raw material to produce upjohn filament, hot roller adopts foreign advanced technology, the surface temperature difference is small, inside the coil temperature is low, hot roll complete specifications, to meet various needs.

Fiber Spinning Machine has the features of high speed, energy saving and good tow bulking, energy-saving spinning body, less energy consumption, bottoms type components, using electric induction heating, hot roller temperature control technology and USES the way of heat pipe or more sections, hot roll surface temperature uniformity in the workspace, reliable and automatic winding head, high success rate, forming a good. In order to improve the output of the machine, high speed spinning, spinning speed is 3500-4000 m/min, even as high as more than 5000 m/min, big package, each package of bobbin quantity can be up to 10 kilograms to tens of kilograms, continuous, spinning and drawing on a spinning machine to complete at the same time, also have a spinning, drawing, deformation process is done on a spinning machine, has been applied to the production of polypropylene fiber and polyamide fiber.

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