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Water Vapor Transmission Detailed Introduction

What is the Water vapor transmission Cabinet

Textile Lab researcher should know that water vapor transmission Cabinet important for cloth . Moisture permeability can reflect the performance of sweat and steam. It is one of the important indicators to identify the comfort and hygiene of clothing.

Water vapor transmission Cabinet machine is applied to measure the permeability of various textiles and non-woven fabric (including space cotton and bat wool)..So many manufacture and inspection Lab need this machine to test the cloth related performance

Today we give brief to introduce this machine .Wish you can get more detailed.

Definition of Water vapor transmission

Water vapor transmission is the rate of water transmission through a material of a constant thickness at a given time. Water Vapor Transmission is calculated using the formula: WVT = G / t A= (G / t) / A (G=weight gain; t=time tested; A=area of the test area or dish opening)Two of the methods to test the water vapor transmission of a material are desiccant (dry cup) and water (wet cup). These two tests are similar in setup but the service conditions are different and the results are not comparable in any way. The dry cup is designed to simulate a heated dry building during a pouring rain, measuring the drive into the building. The water, or wet, cup measures the vapor drive moving in the opposite direction.

FYI (Fanyuan Instumrent ) is one of the best suppliers to offer these devices .There are two methods , desiccant and water method. FYI is keen on this field 30years . The machine with fully Stainless steel, control device are imported overseas .

At present marketing seldom supplier can keep the humidity accuracy ±3% . while FYI can supply the machine keep such humidity accuracy and with reasonable price

What kinds of Water vapor transmission we can supply ?

(Fanyuan Instrument) is a professional research, designing, manufacturing company, with the purpose of providing cost effective solutions for various industrial laboratory applications, including: textile, dyeing, garment, zipper, leather, metal, fiber, plastic industry. Our Best-selling  items of Water vapor transmission are YG501D and  Y751D

Specifications for YG501D

Water vapor transmission Cabinet


  • Temperature Range 20℃~ 80℃
  • Humidity range: 30% ~ 98%RH
  • Temperature fluctuation: ±5℃
  • Temperature uniformity: ±2℃
  • Humidity deviation: -3%~+2%RH
  • Cooling rate: 7 ~ 1℃/min(without load)
  • Heating rate: 2~3℃/min(without load)
  • Rotary speed: 10 times/min
  • Circulation wind speed: 3~3m/s
  • Power supply AC220V,50HZ


Water vapor transmission Cabinet Detail
  1. Temperature and humidity controller
  2. Air velocity regulator
  3. Power switch
  4. Filler
  5. Water level indicator
  6. Air inlet
  7. Handle
  8. Observing window
  9. Observing hole

The system configuration

Chamber structure

  • The chamber is designed by numerical control equipment. Advanced craft, sleek and elegant appearance.
  • The inside chamber is made of stainless steel plate (SUS304 2mm width). The outer chamber is made of cold-roll steel plate (1.5mm width).
  • The thermal insulation material between inside chamber and outer chamber is the heat insulation cotton which is made of ultra-fine glass fiber with excellent insulating effect. The door frames between inside chamber and outer chamber is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The outer chamber will not sweet even the temperature is below -80℃.
  • There is imported seal material between the door and door frames. The silica gel seal structure has excellent aging resistance.
  • The air channel adopts the binary cycle system which is made up by two 2 flow fans, 2 centrifugal wind wheels and circular duct. The temperature in the chamber is uniform. It increases the air flow and improves the ability of cooling and heating.
  • There are glass window and lighting device set in the middle of the door so that you can see the material being tested clearly.
  • The wind speed can be adjusted by frequency converter and be set in digital.
  • The board type electric heater can heat up fast and have long service life.
  • There is a inspection hole (φ50mm) on the left side of the chamber to check the wind speed and the temperature and humidity uniformity.
  • There are filler and water level indicator on the right side of the chamber so it is convenient for the user to fill the water.

Refrigerating system

The refrigerating compressing unit which is environmental friendly and totally-enclosed is from Taikang. Every refrigerating compressing unit has passed the strict inspection of Taikang. It also has anti-counterfeiting code that you can check on the Internet.

Refrigerating auxiliary parts: condenser, evaporator. All the main refrigerating parts and control device are imported from other countries. For example, the dry filter of American Algle and the magnetic valve of Italy Kastoy.

So buyer should carefully to select the supplier of water vapor transmission Tester.

Measurement and control system

  • LED temperature and humidity controller can display the temperature and humidity directly. High accuracy, responsive.
  • PID automatic adjustment function and fuzzy control function.
  • High accuracy sensor (Pt100)

Electrical apparatus control system

  • The electrical apparatus are controlled by the AC contactor of French Schneider with high quality.
  • Huajing solid relay.
  • Some other components of Delixi.

Humidification system

  • Saturated steam humidification
  • Magnetic valve to control the water and liquid level switch to control the water level automatically.

Safety system

  • There are over-temperature and water shortage alarm on the control panel.
  • The circuit system has short circuit protection, over current protection and ground protection.
  • The refrigerating units have high and low voltage protection, over temperature protection and over current protection.

How to contact us ?

By the way, we have face some customers required the humidity at ± 2%, frankly, it is very difficult ,Normally , in the market the humidity accuracy is ±5%, but our product can reach to ±3%, Wish our article can help you to select the water vapor transmission .If you want to buy or consult this machine .please send email to [email protected] ..Also can give your comments here, we will reply you ASAP

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