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What is Torque Rheometer? How does Torque Rheometer work ?

What is Torque Rheometer?  

Torque rheometer DW5300 is ideal equipment for the flow of materials research, plasticizing, hot shear stability, can be widely used in scientific research and production, scientific research and guidance for the production of an important instrument. Torque rheometer provides closer to the actual processing of dynamic measurement method can be similar to the actual processing, continuous, accurate, and reliable, the rheological properties of material were measured, such as multi-component mixture, heat plastic resin cross linking, elastomeric vulcanized, material dynamic stability and screw speed on processing properties of the system. It also can measure curing properties of thermosetting material during processing which is similar to the actual process. The typical specimens are PVC, PE, PP, rubber, etc.


1.2 Professional Technology of Torque Rheometer DW5300

Torque Rheometer is suitable to test rheological characteristics of polymers, typical applications in the polymer processing include:

  • Determination of the processing behavior
  • Evaluating processability
  • Compounding polymers with additives
  • Extruding profiles, films, etc. for further testing
  • Rheological testing
  • Optimizing process parameters or performing quality control, etc.

The reason that we use torque rheometer, as follow:

  • Polymers processing under molten state, such as extruding, injection molding
  • Processibilityand the product quality affected by fluidity(viscosity)
  • Torque rheometer and measuring sensors are miniaturization production equipments
  • Testing process is similar to the actual process


1.3 Specifications of Torque Rheometer

1.3.1 Specification of Torque Rheometer as below:

Item Plastics Extruder
Screw progressive, mutant, etc. (optional)
Screw diameter Φ20mm
L/D ratios 25/1
Heating 3 zones, electric heating
Heating speed 200℃/15mins
Cooling 3 zones, air cooling

Parallel twin-screw extruder


Item Twin-screw extruder
Screw cordwood
Diameter 21.7mm
L/D ratios 40/1
Groove depth 3.5mm
Heating 5 zones, electric heating, 350℃ max.
Cooling 5 zones, air cooling
Feeding method dosing feed
Speed 10~300rpm
Venting vacuum venting
Cooling trough Stainless steel, 1200mm long, air drying
Dies(customized) cylinder, Φ5mm×1(standard
configuration); plain film; pellet; pipe;
cable coating; capillary

1.4  How does Torque Rheometer work ?

1.4.1  Installation

Torque rheometer DW5300 was used to study polymer thermal resistance and thermal stability, shear stability, dynamic rheological properties and plasticizing behavior. Multi-component materials mixing, thermosetting resin curing, elastomeric vulcanized, material dynamic stability and screw speed on processing properties of the system influence, mainly used for mainly for determination and analysis of rheological behavior and processing properties of polymer materials, including includes the thermal plastic resin, rubber and thermosetting materials, also prepared a variety of pre mixed sample was used for other physical and chemical performance test.

When install the machine, the staff should finish following work: Prepare and select the place which of bright light; It must grounding well;Away from the vibration source;

Foundation should be level and can stand 7×103N/m2 force;

  1. Grounding

It must grounding well, grounding resistance should less than 4Ω;

  1. Power supply connection

Total power supply: 3 phase, AC380V, 50Hz, output power: 12kw

  1. Note

It should prepare compression air source (0.7MPa) and cooling water source (for plastic extruder) at the installation place;

There are precise instrument in the main machine, so please handle with care, don’t impact or shake intensively to avoid accidental damage.


1.4.2 Structure

This machine consists of driving system, control system, frequency conversion speed control system, temperature control system, test system and computer.

Driving system

1.It adopts frequency conversion motor driving, stepless speed regulation, reducer (speed ratio 1:23.12) to reduce speed. It is of high efficiency, good stiffness, large speed range.

Control system

2.It adopts AC220V power supply and “KM1” contactor, the control button “SQ1”, “SQ2” are mounted on the operation panel of main machine to control the machine on or off. It should select computer operation system while testing.

  1.  Frequency conversion speed control system, temperature control system and test system are controlled by the computer.

If you need more information about Torque Rheometer theory or Rheometer testing procedure, please send email to [email protected].

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