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About Spinning Process For DW7091A

About Spinning Process for DW7091A

DW7091A is one researching equipment which is designed for researching new spinning Process. Its function is consists of accurate temperature controlling, accurate metering, water bath, stretching and winding. All these parameters can be adjusted to suit your researching requirements.

control panel 1
control panel 1
control panel 2

And DW7091A is different from other instruments, such as strength tester. A strength tester has fixed standards, you can set parameters according to each standard, so as to get the corresponding results, but for DW7091A, even for the same material, it can have many kinds of technological process, and different technological process will get different result. Even if you get a spinning process other one has get well result according to it, there are still many problems during your own spinning process because there are so many details involved. Such as material ratio, material dissolved state, coagulation bath concentration and temperature, stretching speed etc. Any parameter may result spinning failure. So the process is completely dependent on your own research and experience.

 Please be patient to research and carefully think about the reasons of the failure. We believe after summing up the experience, you can succeed.

In addition, every time you finish the test, please do a good job of careful cleaning, especially the spinneret component (Refer to below picture). After each spinning, the spinneret component should be removed and cleaned. The filter in the spinneret component need be replaced a new one before next spinning, or it will block. We have equipped some spare filters with the machine.

And if your material is not dissolved well it will also block in the filter. For example with polyvinyl alcohol powder, compounding concentration is 12%. The completely dissolved solution is transparent with viscosity. If you pick it with something, you won’t see any particle or line (Refer to below picture).

dissolved solution
dissolved solution
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